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York Harbor Series

Novels of Intrigue, Friendship & Romance


About the York Harbor Series

Welcome to the quaint seacoast village of York Harbor, Maine, where love is lost, friendships are made, and tears are shed; where hope blooms and love is found. Hope from Daffodils sets the scene of the life of widow, Sophie Anderson, and the wedding venue business she shares with her best friend, Emily. When Cookies Crumble digs deeper into Emily Vassure’s life as she searches for truth through the eyes of her ailing mother. Patchwork to Healing weaves their lives together as Rebecca Mills seeks to fulfill her foster mother's dying wish. Join them as their bond grows, and their lives take flight.


About Karen Coulters

Artistic expression has always been in my DNA. Writing scripts to depict real life in order to make someone think and consider change stirs my soul. However, being a novelist has been a lifelong dream of mine. They say timing is everything, and my time came in 2017 when the urge to write became something that I could no longer ignore.



Praise for Karen

“Karen Coulters is my new favorite author! At once charming, vivid and delightful, Hope from Daffodils has a natural movement with a suspenseful build-up that kept me turning pages well into the night. I fell in love with the characters and miss them already.”

—Jenny Bruck, 52 Vitality Tools


“Riveting plot and engaging writing.”

—Bonnie C., Goodreads

“Hope from Daffodils brought me through a wave of emotions that kept me from putting the book down until I was done! Each character is so well developed and rich, you become invested in each of their outcomes. Thank you for the journey, Karen!”

—Caleigh Flynn, Amazon Review

“A grieving widow. A disillusioned attorney. Set along the idyllic Maine coast, Hope from Daffodils is about how we lose our way in the world and find our way back. Coulters delivers a romance both twisty and heartwarming. A charming debut!"

—Lorrie Thomson, award-winning author of A Measure of Happiness, What’s Left Behind, and Equilibrium

“Hard to put down…I enjoyed reading every part of Hope from Daffodils. You really come to like the characters and before the book ends, they feel like old friends. Reading this book feels like a mini-vacation.”

—One Girls Opinion, Goodreads

“I felt I knew the main characters as well as if they had been long time friends of mine. The conversations throughout were natural and never contrived, giving me the sensation, I was present as a silent partner. I was delighted that I never knew exactly where Coulters’ was taking me, but I willingly turned the pages to find out!”

—Connie Evans, The Pine Tree Riot

Now Available!

Fairy Dust Wishes, For When You’re Different is an inspired work co-written with Karen’s grandchild, Riley Coker. It is through a child’s eyes, and imagination, that Fairy Dust Wishes takes flight.


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