Hope from Daffodils

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Published by: Howland Press
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Pages: 398
ISBN13: 978-1733646000



Still reeling from her husband’s unexpected death, Sophie Anderson throws herself into her bridal bouquet business. With her best friend as her partner and emotional support, she’s well on her way to turning Proposals into the most sought-after wedding venue on the New England coast.

When Sophie encounters Brady Owens, a burnt-out attorney from New York, Sophie enlists his help with her expansion project. As their romance blossoms, Brady discovers they’re bonded by a painful past of deception. With the truth coming to the surface, Sophie’s vulnerability increases. Determined to protect Sophie’s heart, Brady begins a personal fight for justice.

But, is Sophie’s hope for the future already withered and wilted?

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“Karen Coulters is my new favorite author! At once charming, vivid and delightful, Hope from Daffodils has a natural movement with a suspenseful build-up that kept me turning pages well into the night. I fell in love with the characters and miss them already.”
Jenny Bruck, 52 Vitality Tools

"Hope from Daffodils brought me through a wave of emotions that kept me from putting the book down until I was done! Each character is so well developed and rich, you become invested in each of their outcomes. Thank you for the journey, Karen!”
Caleigh Flynn, Amazon

“Like Stepping into a Beautiful Picture. The majority of this book takes you to a reality that you want to have just around the corner."
Sharon Czarnecki, Weare Area Writers Guild

“This book is a page turner! What a fun read. Right from the very beginning I was hooked! This book draws you in with details and descriptions that make you feel like you’re in the same room where the action is happening. I enjoyed the way the story line moved along swiftly without hurrying it."
Karen Schunemann, Amazon

“Timeless. I absolutely loved this book, the details draw the reader in and you can almost smell the flowers, or the coffee. The story kept my imagination engaged and waiting to turn the page to find out what happens next."
Malissa Habig, Amazon

“What a great book! I couldn’t put this book down and when I did, I couldn’t wait to get back to it!"
Amazon Reader

“Hard to put down…I enjoyed reading every part of Hope from Daffodils. You really come to like the characters and before the book ends, they feel like old friends. Reading this book feels like a mini-vacation.”
One Girls Opinion, Goodreads

“Fantastic! This book is one that grabs hold of you right from the start and has you falling in love with the characters! Karen’s written words paint a beautiful picture. An amazing story by an extremely talented author!”
Elaine, Goodreads

“Loved the book, found the characters and story very engaging! I felt transformed into their lives with the descriptive narrative! It was a quick read, so sad it’s ended.”
Anonymous, Goodreads

“A page turner. A love story with a few interesting twists. I didn't want to put it down.”
Patricia W., Goodreads

“Riveting plot and engaging writing.”
Bonnie C., Goodreads

“A must read! Karen’s style of writing has you feeling the happiness and sadness of each character. You are drawn in to a small coastal town in winter and can feel the cozy fire and smell the coffee. She leaves you wanting more because you have become part of this small-town life."
Linda Novak, Amazon

“A beautifully, well written novel that is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings."
Marissa, Goodreads

"I felt I knew the main characters as well as if they had been long time friends of mine. The conversations throughout were natural and never contrived, giving me the sensation, I was present as a silent partner. I was delighted that I never knew exactly where Coulters' was taking me, but I willingly turned the pages to find out!"
Connie Evan, author, The Pine Tree Riot


Sophie rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stepped out of bed. The creaking of the wooden floorboards didn’t wake Daisy, her rescue calico, who was curled up on Sam’s pillow and seemed to be in the midst of a glorious dream. Coffee was first on Sophie’s agenda. She pulled her robe up over her shoulders, looped the belt, and gave Daisy a rub on the head, at which the cat stretched and jumped off the bed with a thud. Sophie touched the indent on Sam’s pillow and lay back down, placing her head next to where his warm pillow lay, convincing herself that Sam had just gotten up to make breakfast, or had just left for work.

Time ticked on, and the pillow became cold and damp from the tears that now covered the case. Daisy became impatient and began to meow until Sophie sat up once again. “All right, I’m coming. You’ll get your breakfast.”

In the kitchen, she selected the strongest blend and watched the steaming liquid fill her owl mug. Feeling the warmth of the cup in her hands and tasting the creamy sweet- ness temporarily washed away the ache that was building deep inside, helping her to relax for just a moment before facing the reality of this dreadful day. Just put one foot in front of the other, Sophie. She could hear Sam whispering in her ear, “One step at a time, Soph. You can do this; I’m with you.” Easier said than done; one sip at a time is more like it.

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