Lonely Hearts on Lilac Lane

Release Date: Coming soon!



In the picturesque shores of Maine's York River, where tragedy and heartache have left scars on three souls, a poignant tale unfolds. Janice Gable, grappling with the unimaginable loss of her husband to suicide, finds herself abandoned by her daughter Madison, who blames her for the tragic event and escapes to a life far from the family home.

Eight years later, as Janice's world crumbles with financial struggles and despair, an unexpected encounter with Vincent Clark at the local supermarket sets in motion a chain of events that will reshape their lives. Vincent, still haunted by the memory of his beloved late wife, Cheryl, feels a profound connection with Janice and is compelled to offer his kindness.

Madison, leading a life of her own in Ohio with a long-term boyfriend and a newborn foal, is unwillingly pulled back into the orbit of her fractured family. Tensions flare as she confronts the past and contemplates the tough decision of saving the family home.

As relationships intertwine and the trio navigate the complexities of grief, forgiveness, and love, a story of redemption and healing unfolds. Can Janice, Madison, and Vincent overcome the shadows of their pasts and forge a new beginning? In this emotionally charged journey, they must confront the ghosts of loss, find the strength to rebuild their lives, and discover the transformative power of love.