A Peaceful Reflection

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

We often wear a mask to hide what’s brewing inside of us. When there is a turbulent undercurrent that dwells just below the surface—that we can’t come to terms with—we wish to bury or hide it from others; we put on a smile to reflect what we want others to see. Sometimes, it’s not just for others, but it’s what we want to see for ourselves.

In essence—we fake it ‘til we make it.

When we look at others, isn’t it funny how we see nothing but blue skies and the gentle waves that stretch over the sand. We believe that their lives are near perfect, and it’s all smooth sailing for them. We compare ourselves and then beat ourselves up because we aren’t as…fill in the blank.

They are most likely wearing masks as well. They show us what they want us to see. No life is perfect. No past is perfect. We are human and make mistakes. We suffer, grapple, yearn, pray, and persevere. It’s in the storms of life that we see our true reflection.

A prism of light…

can expose our character. It’s that image that outshines everything else. Yes, we can go through troubles and heartache, but it’s our foundational character that exposes the realness of who we are.

Blue skies ahead.

Finding your calm in turbulent times is really hard, but you can do hard things; know that with the storm comes perspective. We’ve seen good times before and they will come again. You will be rewarded with knowing you got through something pretty darn difficult, but you made it through. If we wait long enough…we’ll always make it through, so hang in there.

Be your true self because your future is bright.



photo credit to honeyandpearl.photography

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