Seasons of the Soul: Summer

A time for growth, abundance, activity, energy, and strength.

Can you feel it: that warmth that permeates through your skin and into your soul?
The deep fire that burns within you can bring healing, and ignite in you a surmountable strength and resiliency.

This is a time to deepen our relationships, even with ourselves.

It’s a time that we can recount the moments where we felt connected to the blessings of life. So, take a moment, acknowledge the fire that is burning within you, and recognize your hard work and accomplishments; give yourself a pat on the back…really, it’s okay to be proud of yourself.

The same fire that is within you is all around you as well.

It’s where we gather around a campfire and share stories of our lives. We laugh, sit silently as we gaze at the stars, we sing, and we roast our marshmallows to perfection. The fire burns in our grills as we gather together to break bread and remember who and what’s important. It’s in the sun as we plant, weed, mow, and play. It’s in the sunrise as we take in the morning air and see a new day ahead of us filled with unknown potential, and it’s in the sunsets, as we look upon the glory of spectacular colors and give thanks for another day well spent.

Yes, the summer of our soul can bring joys of abundance…be it in the trees, gardens, flowers, our work; the growth of our children and the growth within ourselves, but it can also bring the weight of authenticity…a time of sharing the heartache of our soul with others. Remember, summer is a time of warmth; that of embraces, nurture, and hope.

Think about it…

Recount the times that you’ve felt connected and felt the warmth others.
Recount the times that you’ve felt your inner yearnings of what you’d like to accomplish and be brave.
Recount the times that you’ve felt proud and blessed.

There is much to be grateful for…take it in, and rest in the knowledge that life can be pretty darn amazing.



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