Seasons of the Soul: Spring

A time for renewal, replenishment, remembrance, recognition, and resiliency. 

We often think of spring as a bridge from the harsh winter to the warmth of summer, but it’s so much more than that. 

Our land and our spirit is showing signs of renewal–of a life that has been aching to feel the sun on our face, see buds on the trees, and await flowers that sprout through cold hard soil. We are in awe of the sight of cherry blossoms and the sound of birds chirping once again. We watch rivers rise with cascading waters, we seek nature in all its glory, and we gaze at the majesty of sunrises. 


It is a time of replenishment:

to be filled up with the hope of new possibilities. We have the innate ability to renew ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

We recognize what our winter has done within us. Some took in the beauty of stillness, quiet, and the splendor of white frosted fields, and snow capped mountains. Others may have shut themselves out, withdrawn into the haven of home, but in doing so, might have become isolated and lonely. Spring allows a time of healing. The spring of our soul thirsts for life in abundance and joy. It craves belonging and love. It longs for the embrace of warmth and acceptance and a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. 

We remember the pain of our soul’s winter. Times of despair, and perhaps sickness, the loss of loved ones, and the loss of hope. We remember the ache within us, but with spring, comes new life. We recognize where we’ve been and what we’ve gone through, but spring provides us proof that anything is possible. From a barren tree as sap runs through its veins, leaves sprout, nests are built, birds are hatched, squirrels run, and roots grow deeper still. 

We are stronger than the tree whose boughs may break, whose leaves will wither. We are more powerful than the winds and storms that blow. We are more resilient than that. We have the ability to believe, hope, thrive, persevere, and live life to its fullest, in spite of our winters. 

We are spring. 

I hope that your season of spring has breathed new life within you—that you have found peace, strength, and growth as you shed the winter of your soul. It is your time to fly and be free.



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