April – Come She Will

April – Come She Will…
when streams are ripe and swelled with rain

One of my favorite duos of all time is Simon and Garfunkel. I find their harmonies to be breathtaking, and I absolutely love to hear a full orchestra; however, I also enjoy the simplicity of a lone guitar.

Music stills my soul and brings me joy; it makes me want to dance like no one is watching or simply close my eyes and sway to the rhythmic beat. It leads me to tears, releases my tension, and fosters memories.

Even as the lyrics from the song “April Come She Will” echo through my mind, I think back to singing along with my sister-in-law as she played her guitar. Being just a teenager, with my whole life still ahead of me, I never dreamed of what would come my way, but I bask in the knowledge of all of it: the good, the bad, and the ugly, for it made me…me.

What is it that brings you joy and reminds you of how far you’ve come? Is it the change of seasons like a warm spring day and rain showers? Is it music, looking at your old photo albums or Facebook posts, or is it seeing your kids growing older? Perhaps, it’s simply spending time with old friends. Ah…”Old Friends”, another Simon and Garfunkel song that I adore. Yep…I’m now stuck in the memory of cherished moments once again.

I hope you’ll take a journey of remembering beautiful moments of your past, and reflect on your life because your life is something worth celebrating.

For your listening pleasure:
April Come She Will
Old Friends



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