Sleepwalking Through Life

Going through the motions just to get through the day is often where we find ourselves, isn’t it? It’s the mundane, repetitive, daily grind that can drain us. It’s exhausting, even if the events of the day aren’t necessarily tiresome in and of themselves. My father used to say he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’d laugh and think it was just a funny expression, but I didn’t see the realness in his statement until I too became sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes, it was even hard to get out of bed knowing that there wasn’t anything new to look forward to or anything exciting around the corner…I was in a rut of my own making.

Change Will Do You Good

I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I absolutely love delving into new things and experiencing new surroundings. I’ve never minded change; in fact, change to me is refreshing and exciting. It energizes me to know that, in a sense, I’ve got a clean slate and can see things with a fresh eye and envision what can be. Some of you may find change terrifying. I get that, but change means growth, and growth is always a good thing. Growth opens us up to the possibilities that we might never have realized had we not been open to that change. Have you ever played the game: if that, then this, or maybe a better way to say it is, if that hadn’t happened then this wouldn’t have happened? You see, we are all growing, learning, changing. We’re not meant to be stagnant. We’re not meant to sleepwalk through our days and live in the mundaneness of life. We are to celebrate it, be in the moment, and live it.

A Paradigm Shift

When you value who you are in this world, then you can be a shining light to those around you. Yes, your job might be mundane, running a home might be mundane, getting out of bed preparing for the day can be mundane, and the list goes on. However, when we wake and walk through the day with gratitude for each and every moment we have, then we can have a new perspective. Instead of wearing a pair of dark glasses and seeing everything grey, we can choose to put on a pair of ‘rose-colored glasses.’ Seriously, if we choose to see things with a new perspective, things won’t seem so mundane after all.

But How?

Appreciate what you do have. The fact that you woke up is something to be grateful for. If you can move, walk, talk, eat, etc. then you have an infinite number of reasons to be grateful…you’re alive! You don’t have to just go through the motions of sleepwalking through your day; live life to the fullest.

For example: Do a little dance on your way to the bathroom, sing a song in the shower, smell the coffee as it fills your cup, think of little things that you can do throughout your day to make someone else’s day. Trust me on that one, as it will make your day as well. Even if you are stuck at home by yourself, you can make someone happy. Give them a call and tell them how much they mean to you, write a letter and pop it in the mail, bake something to drop off. I have every confidence that you’ll think of some amazing ways to show a little love to others, and those small acts of kindness will give your life purpose, fill your heart with pleasure, and—most importantly—you will live a life to its fullest.

“We have a choice: Either settle for the mundane or search for the miraculous in the midst of it.” Unknown



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