Why, When Cookies Crumble

I initially wasn’t quite sure what I wanted my next book to be about. It wasn’t until I saw a clip by Paul McCartney, and something he said piqued my interest. He spoke about why he wrote the song, Let it Be. In essence, it was about not needing to know all the answers, and that sometimes, we just need to let things be. That’s when it hit me; I needed to expand on the character Emily Vassure, who was in my first novel, Hope from Daffodils. Emily has a good heart; oftentimes, acts before she thinks; and is a loyal friend. To truly get into her character, I had to give her a back story, in essence, give her some labels. I won’t reveal her story here, but what I will say is that she is repeatedly asked to “Let it be.” Emily is untrusting for a reason, as she’s been hurt too many times in her life. She builds a wall to protect herself from future pain, but in doing so, she closes herself off to truly living a hope-filled life. And so, When Cookies Crumble is born.

What’s your label?

How often do you define yourself by your past? Do you keep yourself in a box, taped shut, with a label attached to it, that was placed on you long ago? Are you afraid that someone will open the box and discover what’s inside? Is your label something that you put on by yourself: You know, that perceived label that you think others must think of you or see?

It’s today that matters

My friends, your past does not define what label you wear today. What happened to you as a child also doesn’t define your label today. Only today defines what label you wear today. Face each day as if it were a fresh start. Aim to be free of anger, bitterness, rage, guilt, or shame, so that today’s label will be that of gentleness, kindness, and goodness–a label worthy of celebrating. You will be free of the bondage that keeps you in the box, that keeps you closed off from the joy of living a full life.

Rip off the label

Yes, our pasts may have been painful emotionally, and perhaps physically…that will never change, but we own our now, and our tomorrows. So, what if our past was wonderful, and it’s the now that’s painful? We can still choose to have a fresh start each day by recognizing our value and being courageous. Rip open the box, remove any label that is placed upon it, and stand up with your head held high because you are worthy, no matter the label that was and should have never been. You, my friend, are worthy of love and so much more; don’t ever forget it!



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