Joyful Giving

Have you ever had anyone in your life that is a giver? You know, that kind of person that brings you the proverbial chicken soup when you’re not feeling well. That friend in your life that wants to buy you that item that you loved in the store, but didn’t want to spend the money, or gives you an overly excessive gift for your birthday?

Most often, I’d guess it might make you feel a bit uneasy. In fact, it can sometimes make you downright uncomfortable, leaving you feeling guilty–and more importantly–indebted.

Perhaps, you are the one that enjoys giving to others. You might enjoy the giving of your time, talents, practical help, gifts, or even finances.

Giving with conditions

I’m guessing, if you are the latter, you give because it brings you joy. The harm comes in if and when you give to receive acceptance, to feel appreciated, or if you expect something in return. Don’t be this person. It can lead to broken relationships and resentment. That being said, I truly believe that most give out of the sheer pleasure of it.

Spiritually speaking

Giving, is a form of spiritual gift. In essence, it’s a gift given to us that is innate…we were born with it. It’s what makes those that have it feel fulfilled, and it brings great pleasure. They don’t want or expect something in return; they simply enjoy giving.

I’m sure you can recall the times you’ve given out of abundance and for no other reason than for the pleasure of it. Even the simple gestures of paying the bill at a restaurant and giving a big tip, brought you joy…right?

Don’t take away their joy

I used to co-own a women’s boutique. I’d often witness ladies at the checkout register banter over who was going to pay. One would insist on buying that one special item for the other, and the recipient, would continue to say no. I could see the joy slip away from the giver’s expression in that moment and it would then lead to an awkward silence. One thing that seemed to solve the dilemma was for me to look at the recipient and say, “Your friend would like to buy you a gift, please don’t take away their joy.” 100% of the time, they’d laugh, the guarded recipient would relinquish, and the giver would smile ear to ear.

So, my message to you is: don’t take away their joy. Receive the gift with a grateful heart. Thank them with a hug, a handwritten note, or simply say a genuine thank you. Allow them the pleasure of getting to use their gift of giving. Consider yourself a vessel for their unwarranted favor, and be grateful.

A hopeful heart

I hope you will someday be the recipient of a wonderful gift because you will have helped that someone special with the joy of using their gift of giving. In turn, should you be blessed with the means to give, I hope you use it well.



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