Dream Killers

Please don’t be like this

Life is hard enough, don’t you think? But, have you ever had a dream of doing something and the second that you get the courage to bring it up with your friends and family, it’s brushed aside as if it were silly, unattainable, impractical, too costly, and the list goes on? You’ve seen the eye rolls, the all-knowing smile, and most importantly, you’ve felt the letdown; it’s as if you blew up a big balloon of possibility, and they came along and popped it. So, you’re left holding the deflated, shriveled balloon within your grasp.

What will you choose?

Perhaps, you dig through the bag of balloons in search of a smaller one, one that might be more attainable, or you throw the entire bag away, in essence, single-handedly killing your dream. By leaving your dream in the trash heap of lost hope, you will only allow others to find the bag of balloons, and use them with success.

Dream it, Believe it, See it

You are the only one that truly knows you and what you’re capable of, right? So, use that knowledge to your advantage and prove the naysayers wrong! Surround yourself with those that encourage and support you. Sometimes, you have to be your own cheerleader. You are the one that has to take the steps to succeed, even if it means starting with the smallest balloon in the bag; it might feel insignificant, but take that first step, anyway. Then, keep walking. You are the only one that can make you fail because it’s in the not doing that will bring this failure to fruition. It’s in the doing that will make your balloon soar, so dream, believe, see, and become.

Resource for when you doubt yourself:

The Imposter Syndrome: with Anna Hayes-Harless An imposter syndrome and self-doubt coach empowering you from dream to reality.


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