Living a Hope-Filled Life

Welcome to my website; I’m thrilled to have you here. It’s my hope that you will find it enjoyable and enticing as you invite me into your home.

Living a hope-filled life is the essence of who I am, and I delve deeper into the promise of hope within my novels, by using its meaning at its core: “a feeling of expectation and desire.”

We all have expectations, some bad and some good. It’s how we handle the outcome of our expectations that either moves us forward or keeps us bound in disappointment and the sense of failure. My husband has two sayings: “never too high, never too low” and “accept the worse that can happen, but hope for the best.” I agree with his statements; unfortunately, the characters in my books tend to waver.

Through my writing, you will experience the lives of people that suffer greatly, experience pain, and starve for belonging and the sense of home—that place where everything is right with the world as well as within themselves. They experience hope for a brighter future, fulfillment, and want. They rejoice, cry, get angry, and laugh, but–most importantly–they find a hope for their futures: the hope that brings acceptance and love.

I hope from time to time, you’ll share your thoughts regarding my blog with me in the comment section, and my wish for you is to live a hope-filled life.

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